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I believe...

I believe pic2 1500x680 nordic.jpg

 -- in smart girls

--  girls are told they can do anything, then they are knocked down when they do it

 --girls ROCK

 -- whatever girls do, they must do twice as well as boys to be thought half as good

 -- girls belong in the house… and the Senate

-- in equal rights for all

 -- girls should promote each other, not tear each other down

 -- debates are most effective when conducted with respect

 -- in personal responsibility; we “teach” people how to treat us. It’s never too early for girls to learn skills that “teach” people how to treat them

 -- in making a difference

-- the future is for females, and I intend on doing my part to ensure everyone knows it.

Each piece of my art has a slightly "hidden" date stamped somewhere on the canvas; the date represents a milestone where girls gained a significant right or performed a fantastical feat.  For example, 08-18-20 is the date women got the right to vote!